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Instructors' Comments
Here's what instructors are saying about our textbooks. We're passionate about making sure all our titles get raves like these...

"The best high school engineering book I have found. Gives a great foundation to teach Engineering. Helps me meet state standards and gives me great ideas for class projects."
Steve Sweigart
Johns Creek High School
Alpharetta, GA

"I looked long and hard for a textbook that the students could learn from and relate to, and this book does both. It's great."
Jim Jones
Fairfield High School
Goshen, IN

"The students like the book and the hands-on activities."
Paul Kynerd
Miami Lakes Ed Center
Miami, FL

"The best book I've found so far. The projects are engaging and thought-provoking, and the content is extremely relevant."
Dan McCue
St. Xavier High School
Louisville, KY

Samples from Great Lakes Press

We're pleased to offer these resources, designed to help you get the very most out of Great Lakes Press textbooks. Please check back often. W'e'll be adding more free downloads, and as needed, we'll update the existing files.

Sample content from 'Engineering Your Future: A Project-Based Introduction
      to Engineering'

Sample Chapter from 'Survey of Engineering: Student Workbook'

Instructor's Guide Sample Chapter for 'Engineering Your Future: Project-
      Based' version

Instructor's Guide Sample Project for 'Engineering Your Future: Project-Based'