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"Choosing the right college is a critical decision. This guide helps students get it right. Since college is such a significant investment, I recommend that you also make the relatively modest investment in this guide."

--Dr. Alan Gomez
Table of Contents for "Choosing the Right Engineering School":

Chapter 1: Scanning the Horizon
You Can’t Stop After High School
The World of Technology
Training vs. Education
Particular Benefits of a Four-Year Engineering Degree
Going Boldly: Your Quest for an Engineering Degree
How to Use This Book
Chapter 2: Understanding Engineering and Engineering Education
What Professional Engineers Do: The Technical World of Work
People and Places
Overview of Engineering Education
The Goals of Engineering Education
What Engineering Students Do at College
What Engineering Students Don’t Do at College
Undecided? Engineering Might Be the Best Place to Start
The Basic Enrollment Choices
Chapter 3: Academic Differences Among Engineering Programs
Availability of Individual Engineering Programs
Measures of Quality of Undergraduate Instruction
Teaching Policies and Practice
Academic Advising
Introductory Engineering Courses
Current Undergraduate Initiatives
Learning Communities
Honors Programs
Four-Year Guarantees
Chapter 4: Non-Academic Differences Among Engineering Programs
Student Organizations and Leadership Opportunities
Study Abroad Opportunities
Co-ops and Internships
Career Services
Residence Hall Programming
Research Opportunities
Required Laptop Computer Programs
Measures of Student Engagement
Chapter 5: What Color Is Your Calculator?
What You Need to Know About Engineering Disciplines
Engineering Functions vs. Engineering Disciplines
What Kind of Engineer?
When to Choose an Engineering Discipline
How to Choose an Academic Engineering Discipline
Chapter 6: How Your High School Career Relates to Your Engineering Education
Credit Mania: AP, IB, and More
What is a Credit?
College Credit Earned in High School
Credit Utility
Practical Education
High School Extracurriculars
The SAT and ACT: Evaluating Your Aptitude and Achievement
Chapter 7: Choosing Where to Apply
Money for College
College Rankings and You
Reality Check: The Best Schools Sometimes Produce Mediocre Engineers
Choosing Where to Apply: Compiling Your Short List
Using Internet Resources to Shorten Your List
To How Many Places Should You Apply?
Chapter 8: Applying For College Admission and Scholarships
Why Are All Those Universities Sending Me Mail?
Applying: Making Yourself Stand Out in a Crowd—In a Good Way!
Teacher Recommendations
What About Scholarships?
What to Expect After You Apply
The Mixed Blessing of Late Acceptance
Chapter 9: Planning Your Campus Visits
When to Make Campus Visits? . . . Take Your Time!
What to Do Before You Visit
What to Expect From Your Campus Visits
Speaking to Parents: Your Role in Campus Visits
Chapter 10: What to Ask on Your Campus Visits
Student Organizations
Study Abroad Opportunities
Co-ops and Internships
Career Services
Residence Hall Programming
Research Opportunities
Measures of Student Engagement
Questions to Ask Current Students
Chapter 11: What to Look For on Your Campus Visits
Getting There is Half the Fun
The Campus Tour: A Performance Art Form
Campus Personality
Checking Out the Student Body
Chapter 12: Debriefing After Each Campus Visit
General Impressions
Attractive Features
Red Flags
Impressions of the Student Body
Keep Building that Spreadsheet
Chapter 13: Evaluating Your Visits and Weighing Your Options
Parents: Your Role in this Family Decision
Guidance from Decision Science
Your Final Decision Checklist
The Worst College Choice Possible
Chapter 14: After You Have Decided
Take Action
Prepare Yourself for Academic Success
Chapter 15: Off to College: What to Expect
Ten Ways You’ll Know You Aren’t in High School Anymore
Special Encouragement for Female Engineering Students
Choice and Opportunity
Your First Exam
Interacting With Your Old High School Friends
Keeping Your Parents from Freaking Out
The Ultimate College Challenge: Finding Balance
Appendix A: Additional Resources
Appendix B: Engineering Programs That Want Your Attention