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Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics
By Merle C. Potter and John F. Foss

List Price: $99.95

588 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9614760-8-3

About This Book...

A thorough introduction to Fluid Mechanics. A concise study using both control volume and differential forms of conservation laws. This text proceeds from first principles to general relations to specific applications. Each topic is, to the extent possible, self-contained so that study can be arranged as desired. Ideal for an intro, senior or intermediate grad level course.


*100 examples *460 problems *475 illus. *Intro *Control Volumes *Differential Form of Laws *Similitude *Flow Phenomena *Laminar Flow *Turbulence *Inviscid Flows *Boundary-Layer Flows *External Flows *Compressible Flows *Appendix