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Mathematical Methods for Engineers

Math Methods
By Merle C. Potter and Jack Goldberg

List Price: $99.95

640 pages, hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-881018-11-7

About This Book...

This book is rigorous yet easy to understand compared to other books of its type. It is also one of the few which has examples. An engineer and a mathematician collaborated to produce a uniquely practical text that is full of examples and exercises. The methods selected are those most frequently used in engineering practice.

This book is structured to gradually increase the order of difficulty so that even those who are relatively weak in math can master it. Try it, you'll like it! Ideal for an undergrad applied math or intro grad course.


*300 examples *2000 problems *100 illustrations *Ordinary Differential Equations *The Series Method *Laplace Transforms *Matrices *Matrix Applications *Vector Analysis *Fourier Series *Partial Differential Equations *Numerical Methods *Complex Variables *Units and Conversions *Gamma Function *Error Function *Bessel Function