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Instructors' Comments
Here's what instructors are saying about our textbooks. We're passionate about making sure all our titles get raves like these...

"The best high school engineering book I have found. Gives a great foundation to teach Engineering. Helps me meet state standards and gives me great ideas for class projects."
Steve Sweigart
Johns Creek High School
Alpharetta, GA

"I looked long and hard for a textbook that the students could learn from and relate to, and this book does both. It's great."
Jim Jones
Fairfield High School
Goshen, IN

"The students like the book and the hands-on activities."
Paul Kynerd
Miami Lakes Ed Center
Miami, FL

"The best book I've found so far. The projects are engaging and thought-provoking, and the content is extremely relevant."
Dan McCue
St. Xavier High School
Louisville, KY

Welcome to the Professional World

Welcome to the Professional World
"Welcome to the Professional World"
Seven Success Principles for Entering the Workforce

Dr. Gary Martin, Ed.D.


112 pages, softcover
3rd Edition
ISBN: 978-1-881018-23-0
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About This Book...

"Welcome to the Professional World" Seven Success Principles for Entering the Workforce--Notes, resources, and short essays for improving the transition into your first professional experience.

Based on Dr. Gary Martin's extensive research since 1983, including hundreds of interviews with new professionals and their supervisors. This publication picks up where others leave off by providing ideas, insights, and training to young adults as they begin their jobs, whether entry-level professional careers, internships, or Co-ops.

"Welcome to the Professional World," a collective voice of business and corporate America, will build upon and refine your basic skills, increasing productivity and effectiveness immediately.

Enhance your understanding of, adjustment to, performance, and overall enjoyment in the professional world.
"Speaking directly to students, Gary Martin's book captures and illuminates the issues students need to address before entering the world of work."
Larry Hill, Director of Cooperative Education, CSU Sacramento

"Relevant, extremely informative, "Welcome to the Professional World" is an excellent collection of common sense information at a novice's fingertips. WHere the parents and instructors left off, this book picks up to carry the student to success."
Fred Simpkins, Global Diversity, Hewlett Packard Company

"One of the key success strategies for today's student is learning how to make the transition from being a student to being a professional. Gary's book provides the assistance needed for anyone seeking professional career opportunities. A must resource for students and those who work with them."
Mary Ford, Dean of Cooperative Education and Career Services, Drexel University

This is a brief, readable book that should be a significant help to anyone just entering the workforce, aiding in performance, productivity, and professionalism. An outstanding resource that can be purchased and distributed by corporations to their new hires.

About the Author

Dr. Gary Martin, Ed.D., is a Professor and Assistant Dean for Student Services at University of the Pacific in California. He has been involved with career guidance for 25 years. He has interviewed hundreds of new professionals and their supervisors in the development of this resource. His professional and academic background is in Educational Psychology.